The 7 Keys to Powerful Skip Hire

July 5, 2018 - Uncategorized

Our research indicates there are more than 17 million skips hired in the united kingdom every year for national use alone! That is a lot of skips and if you’ve ever appeared in Yellow Pages you will understand there are a lot of skip companies out there to pick from with no real way of knowing what sort of service you’re likely to get before it turns up!
If, like us, you have ever hired a skip, chances are you will have had a good experience with a professional, licensed waste collector without any hassles or grief. Waste King Rubbish Clearance
Regrettably, this is not always the case. If you called more than one company Before You hired a skip You Might Have found that some of these:
– won’t quote prices over the Telephone
– won’t tell you what time It’ll Be dropped off, or picked up
– will only accept cash payments into the driver
You may have even had a terrible experience where the motorist has refused to take away your skip without throwing some of the rubbish back in your garden, demanded more money prior to taking it away, damaged your house by bad handling of their wagon and the skip…
This guide is for you: It answers all of the most frequent questions associated with skip hire so you understand exactly what you’re getting in to when you hire a skip and understand the whys and wherefores involved with skip hire so you never have a bad experience. . .EVER!
How can I tell which skip companies in the Yellow Pages are the great ones?
Unless you know the business, you can not. Any fool with a wagon and a skip can find an advert designed and printed to lure you to call them, but mainly it’s a lottery not only in terms of prices and service, but also in terms of what really happens to your waste – something which depressingly few of us really believe, or perhaps care about.
Skip companies are not really regulated in the time of writing.
The bad ones are only cowboys which frequently fly-tip your waste and so enhance your council tax bill – cos the council are the people who have to clean it up! (Flytipping is now costing local councils over #2.5 million annually! That is our tax money!)
Did you know?
“Each 35 seconds, somebody, somewhere is fly-tipping in the UK” Why is it that skips cost so much money?
No-one is pretending skip hire is inexpensive, but consider the costs involved:
Skip Wagon #35,000+
Vehicle Insurance #2000/year per vehicle
Public Obligation #1250/year per vehicle
Employer’s Duty #1250/year per vehicle
Skip Wagon driver #25,000/year
Fuel #20,000/year
Landfill taxation #18/ton rising by #3 every year until 2010 at which it will stand at #35/ton
Recycling prices Cost of Purchasing shredders, trommels, weighbridges, choosing stations etc – #countless
Shortly adds up doesn’t it? Getting rid of waste is not a cheap business, but it must go somewhere! Why isn’t my skip dropped off and picked up when I request it?
This isn’t necessarily the bypass company’s error – too many people don’t understand that hiring a skip is not like phoning a cab. Just consider what goes to the typical skip lorry driver’s day – it’s heavy haulage we’re referring to this, and lots of things can go wrong on a pick-up or fall off which will slow down the entire day’s schedule, like a customer placing toxic waste in a skip, overfilling it, or even the motorist being given wrong drop off specifics by a customer.
We publish a national trade magazine for the business referred to as”The Skip” ( and through this we are pushing for more bypass companies to integrate new technologies such as Vehicle Tracking to improve delivery schedules and take-up of this sort of advancement is increasing all of the time.
In the meantime, you should be patient awaiting your skip since it’s rarely a case of deliberately bad customer services.
Why won’t they take the skip away if the rubbish is only within the fill line?
It is not the skip motorist being unreasonable – it’s the law! They’re legally bound to not take unsafe loads and sadly many people order smaller skips than they need so as to save a couple of quid. Our advice – order a larger skip than you believe you need since you’ll always fill it just do not go on the line! What really happens to my garbage if they take it off?
If you’re not asking this question, you should be. Landfill space in the united kingdom is running out fast. It is projected that by 2010 there’ll be practically no landfill space left in Britain and also the authorities is raising the landfill taxation that waste management companies have to pay every year. The best skip companies are investing heavily into new plant and technologies to the point that many of them are recycling over 90%! Employing these business eventually reduce costs and significantly increase recycling rates – something we should be curious about.
The bottom line is – the more economical the skip, the less probable it is that the waste is being responsibly managed.
Why won’t my local skip company take a charge card or perhaps tell me costs over the telephone?
This is mainly a historic matter. Most skip hire companies have developed within the past 25 years from building and demolition companies, and the traditional way they do business is by issuing invoices or cash-in-hand! Also, a lot of companies charge for waste disposal by the tonne and won’t always quote an exact cost since they do not know exactly how much it’s likely to cost them to get rid of until it comes inside.
Why is it that I get quoted a lot of distinct prices for the identical service from different companies?
The answer’s in the question – you do not get the exact same support from different companies! You get various levels of support from various companies. When you have had a terrible experience, you are going to wonder whether it actually was worth saving #20 by going with the cheapest you could find.
Plus there are other elements such as bypass permit prices. All skip companies are supposed to tell you you require a permit if the skip is to be on a highway. These permits are supplied by the local council sometimes the company by law must sort it out for you, there are times when you are going to have to go directly to the council .
The variances in bypass permit price across the united kingdom are staggering – some council’s charge nothing and issue them the exact same day, some charge #70 and force you to wait months prior to issuing.
In the end…
It is Your Choice. You now understand pretty much everything necessary to generate an educated decision concerning which skip hire business to use.